2020: Greetest Musics

2020 sucked? Yes. There was so much that sucked. Shocking, I know. But did everything suck? Of course not! A lot of sweet albums came out last year. So let’s partake in retrospective nourishment of the aural canals, from less greetest to most. Honorable Mention: Spiritbox, various 2020 singles I really wanted to rank this…

On Universal Translators and User Adoption

In science-fiction, a very common trope is the “universal translator,” which allows characters to magically understand any language as if they were hearing their primary tongue. The conceit is almost always some sort of fanciful linguistic tech (in the case of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy trilogy, it is instead a fish whispering in…

Greetings, [null]

This is the first temporal ideation, with which the endeavor unfolds. Enjoy> These first steps begin to define the nexus. Your one-stop-shop for my transtextual records. Within you shall find (little now, more later): Writings (blog; poetry; fiction; essays)Visualizations (photography; manipulations; painting; in-motion)Audio (music; sound art)and whatever may fit this fancy

portrait inverted

The Transmitter

Hi, I am a web page describing the transmitter Tamsyn’s most recent transmissions. Are you human, or an abstracted facsimile such as myself?